Complete App – Coach Wellbeing Plan

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Develop the skills to facilitate wellbeing and performance practices for individuals and team coaching. With this training you will be certified in the delivery of three masterclasses – energy, breathing and emotions

Complete App Community Setup

Setup a dedicated app community for your clients

Complete App: Certification Programme (Stage 1)

Become certified in app missions 1-3

Complete App: Certification Programme (Stage 2)

Become certified in app missions 4-6

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The Complete App provides you with a wellbeing ecosystem that is purposely built to support you, your family and colleagues’ development and wellbeing objectives. Whether you are a business professional, athlete, student or coach our app will provide you with the foundational insights that you need to develop further, faster.

The Complete App provides you with a way for you to visualise your data in real-time and track the development progress that you are making across the missions and the practices.

Dr Alan Watkins and our team of coaches and data scientists have distilled years of research into the approach and methodology that underpins the Science behind the content in app.

We have designed our content to facilitate all forms of learning by providing you with a sophisticated toolkit of blended content that includes articles to read, podcasts to listen to, games to play, videos to watch and so much more!


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