Dr. Alan Watkins

CEO and Co-Founder of Complete

Dr Alan Watkins has spent the last 40 years developing skills and practices that, can at scale, reduce human suffering. 


Every month we run a live Q&A Webinar with Alan and you have an exciting opportunity to be one of a handful of people able to ask one of the world’s experts on wellbeing any question you want!


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What Makes Alan Unique?

Global Expert in Emotional Development & Wellbeing

Time Invested

Incredibly, Alan has studied for over 110,000 hours to understand what makes human beings perform better or worse.For context, 16 years at school = 14,000 hours. A medical or law degree is ~10,000 hours of study. Alan has been actively researching human functioning in extensive detail for the last 40 years.


Academic Profile

Alan has written ten books about the challenges of leadership and how to solve the world’s toughest problems and has two more in preparation (one on the future of education and one on the future of AI).  He is also a Professor of Business Studies at London University, a Fellow at the London Interdisciplinary School and a Faculty Member at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

Global Facilitator

Alan combines his professional and academic work with being an activist for positive industry-wide change. He is personally driving three pan-industry global initiatives in the Food Industry, the Tech Industry, the Insurance Industry and working on an industry connected to the future of Britain. Facilitating change on a large scale in order to reduce human suffering is his primary goal.

Organisational Advisor

Alan is the CEO of Complete, a leadership consultancy that works with >100 multinational organisations in over 60 countries and all market sectors ranging from revenues of $100M tech start-ups to $100Bn giants. Complete coaches individual leaders, and leadership teams and build the organisation’s leadership academies. All are supported by a suite of cutting-edge diagnostics and a market-leading Wellbeing App.


Alan has his own podcast, Complete Curiosity with Ralph Behnke. He has also appeared on many other people’s podcasts talking on a very wide range of issues. He was the ‘expert’ on BBC1 show ‘Temper Your Temper’ where he live-coached people with anger issues and has been a frequent guest on many regional and national radio station. He is possibly the only coach who’s won an Oscar for his film in the “Best Animated Short” category in 2016 at the industry Oscar awards (EVCOMs). The film, made in collaboration with Ken Wilber, discusses the importance of building a more Integral Society.

We Want to Hear From You!

So whether it is a specific question about your physiology to kickstart a debate on the science or you want to get Alan’s take on some of the biggest challenges facing the world right now, we want you to send in your questions for Alan and put them live and unscripted to him on the webinar and watch the master at work!


Dr. Alan Watkins has 40 years’ worth of experience working as a medical doctor, psychologist, neuro-scientist and leadership development coach to many of the top leaders in the world. He has first-hand experience of what works and what does not. He is now recognised as a global thought leader on human performance, complexity and wellbeing. 


Alan works tirelessly hard to try and develop skills, practices and programs to reduce human suffering on a large scale. It is his belief that every single person can become a better, more complete and effective human being. And leaders who are better human beings make more compassionate, inclusive and wiser decisions that can improve the lives of thousands of individual employees. This can affect an organisation’s supply chains and if we include all the families of those employees and supply chains we’re talking about reducing the suffering in millions of people’s lives.


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Q&A Sessions Scheduled for 2023

Wednesday 15th November at 7pm GMT

Tuesday 12th December at 7pm GMT