Complete App Pulse Questions

Here at Complete we strongly believe that poorly regulated emotions are the root cause of most stress cases and mental health issues, as well as being the super-highway to many physical ailments and medical conditions.

This is why we actively encourage individuals to check-in to the Universe of Emotions (one of our core skills) at least once a day to improve your awareness of your own emotional state and start to discover how you REALLY feel.

Emotion science can unlock a series of powerful insights about your emotional state and through regular practice you can learn how to become more emotionally coherent.

However, the use of emotion science within a team or organisation can unlock incredible insights about how the team or organisation is really feeling. Our Pulse questions are a great way to get a high-level view of your team’s engagement level over time. The anonymity provided by actively logging emotions in response to targeted pulse questions can mobilise individuals within a team and gives those individuals a strategic voice in the organisation unleashing company-wide benefits.

The data insights, presented through heatmaps, gives you plenty of actionable insights as we use a range of pulse questions that attempt to measure the key people metrics such as psychological safety, strategic alignment, work relationships, job satisfaction, wellbeing and so much more.

These questions can be scheduled to go out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Repeatable questions can also be set up to deliver powerful trend reports of how support or resistance in a team or organisation is changing over time.

Our app team set up daily pulse questions to be delivered to your account to spark interest, but targeted pulse questions provide the real added value. You can send out a question to your teams at any time via the Teams Management tab in the Burger Menu.

However, if you would like to engage and mobilise a bigger group of people you can get in touch with the app support team by email ( and request some pulse questions to be set up for your team or community.