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The Complete App delivers a range of pulse solutions to a user’s device using emotion science and our sophisticated assessment platform.


The data provides valuable insights into how your team is feeling about issues that are important to them to improve the implementation and effectiveness of targeted wellbeing initiatives.


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Unlock Data Insights via Emotion Science

Emotion Science

For even greater insight, unlock the power of emotion science by logging emotions in the Universe of Emotions. See how you and your team feel in real-time in response to a range of important questions to your team. 

Data Insights

The Complete App lets you track all your team’s development activity via a continuous data stream. Our emotion heatmaps enable you to gain deeper insights into how your team are changing and developing over time. 

Pulse Analytics

Questions are posted daily and weekly with end-of-week summary reports published weekly and monthly on relevant questions. Monthly analysis and briefing to assist in analysing response areas to investigate further with contributors.

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What's Included in a Pulse Campaign?

Set Up Pulse Questions

The Missions are designed so that you can focus on doing the right work in the most comprehensive development framework to target your own personal development at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space.

Analyse the Insights

The Complete App is designed to facilitate your practice. As you progress along the 12 missions you will develop the capabilities to transform your health, wellbeing, and performance as well as your relationships.

Access Trend Reports

Throughout your journey, our integrated assessments will take the guesswork out of your development and help you track your progress. With the right balance of theory and practice, you are more likely to sustain change.

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