The Three Core Practices

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How Can We Help You?

The Three Core Program for Wellbeing


Looking to discover wellbeing?

Our three core practices lay the foundation to develop the skills so that you can function at your best every day.  Whether you suffer from anxiety, stress, burnout or want to take your performance to the next level our expert practitioners are here to help you understand the science and how to use Complete App to build the skills you need to be brilliant every day.


Are you a wellbeing coach?

Complete App has been developed by coaches for coaches so that you can use this app as a companion to your regular coaching content.  Accelerate the development of your clients by embedding the core practices into their daily exercises.  The three core practices will give you a taste of how you can deliver this programme to your own clients to make a real impact.


Are you a wellbeing leader?

Complete App has been developed for individuals and teams to progress through a structured programme of development. The solution is packed with features to maintain your own private community and manage customised content. Each Masterclass will demonstrate how you can leverage the three core practices to ensure the wellbeing of your colleagues.

What's Included in the Offer?

Develop the skills of a high performer

Increase Energy

Develop the skills to create energy on demand. Regular practice will help you understand where your energy comes from and where it goes so you recover lost energy levels.

Breathe Better

Understand the importance of smooth, rhythmic even breath.  Regular practice will help you develop the skills to control your physiology and increase your focus.

Discover Emotions

Develop the skills to build your emotional intelligence and take control of how you feel. Regular practice will help you understand the nature of emotions.

Live Interactive Masterclass Series

Masterclass with Bevan

There will be a live Masterclass webinar on each of the three core practices available to use on the Complete App. Each Masterclass will be hosted by Bevan Rees (Senior Practitioner at Complete) that will talk you through the practice with a live facilitated group practice session of this skill (see dates below).


By signing up to this exclusive offer, you will book your seat in this series. The first masterclass will focus on developing energy awareness, the second one will focus on regulating your energy, and the third one will introduce you to the Universe of Emotions.


Recordings will be available of all sessions and all participants will be able to send their questions in ahead of each session for Dr. Alan Watkins and Bevan Rees to review and respond to.

Live Q&A Webinar

Dr. Alan Watkins Q&A Sessions

Dr. Alan Watkins is the CEO and co-founder of Complete. He has spent the last 30 years developing skills and practices that, can at scale, reduce human suffering. 


Every month, Dr. Alan Watkins will host a live and interactive Q&A session that will provide you with an unmissable opportunity to ask any question related to the practices available on the app. He will be able to provide foundational insight into each practice and how to integrate this into your day-to-day life.

FREE App Subscription

12-Months Access to Complete App

By signing up for this exclusive offer you will get access to all the premium content on the Complete App for FREE for 12 whole months!


This will provide you with a wellbeing ecosystem that is purposely built to support your development. We have designed our content to facilitate all forms of learning by providing you with a sophisticated toolkit of blended content that includes articles to read, podcasts to listen to, games to play, videos to watch and so much more!


FREE access to the app content for a year gives you the opportunity to enrol yourself on the 12-Mission Self-Development Program. Work through the program at your own pace, giving you the opportunity to master the skills you need to practice regularly to control your physiology and optimise your performance.

Reduction In Stress
Reduction in Fatigue
Improvement in Emotional Management
Improvement in Health Outcomes
Master the Science in Just Six Weeks!

The Three Steps to Success!

Understand the Science

The Missions on the app introduce the theory behind the science behind the skills on the app. By running through the mission content you will gain some foundational insights into the importance of the skill to help you vertically develop.

Practice the Skills

The skills introduced in the app need to be practised regularly to make a real impact. Our practice scheduler enables you to set up timely reminders in the app when your dedicated practice time is upon you. High-quality practice makes perfect!

Monitor Your Progress

Each skill in the app has its own dedicated page which displays the top-line metrics of the progress you are making within that skill. Your key vitals are presented to you in a dynamic form to ensure you never lose sight of your progress.

What Others Say

feedback from other complete app users


“The E-Bank Skill is a really simple way to actually see where your energy is disappearing to and coming from each day and figure out what to do about it. Once I started to use the app I began to WAKE UP to my own emotional state and how much control I have over it.  I began to question why I was feeling this way and how can I change.”


“The Complete App helps to control my breathing. I use the breathing techniques within school lessons – especially whilst working with children with difficult behaviour and just needing to shut off background sounds/negative thinking. The skills on the Complete App are incredibly useful and work when put into practice.”

The Universe of Emotions

“The Complete App has helped me understand how my emotions impact my thinking and behaviour. I check in to the Universe of Emotions every day and it’s helping to increase my emotional literacy and to be more aware of the effect of my emotions on my behaviour and others’ across different situations.”

Three Core Practices Masterclass Series

Led by Senior Practitioner Bevan Rees

Bevan’s lifelong passion for personal development germinated professionally when he designed and managed an integrative wellbeing platform for a large corporate finance client. A writer by trade, Bevan spent the next seven years running his own content creation agency with a personal focus on research and creative projects in executive development.


When a major life event presented him with a powerful opportunity to ‘wake up’, Bevan realised he could no longer ignore the call to serve the evolution of the people and systems around him. Since then, he has worked as a coach and facilitator for corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams.


Bevan has coached senior leaders and led vertical team development initiatives in multiple geographies and industries, including pharmaceuticals, FMCG, transport and logistics. While in South Africa he gained priceless experience steering cultural change programmes through the complex dynamics of leadership in the country’s public sector.


Bevan is an ICF accredited coach and is certified as an Integral Professional Coach through Integral Coaching Canada. He is trained in Time to Think facilitation and has completed multiple programmes in integral theory and development. He holds a BCom in Law and Economics.

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