The Journey

12-Mission Self-Development Journey

Every single person has the ability to become a better, more complete, and effective human being!


The 12-mission journey presented in the Complete App shows you exactly WHAT you need to do and HOW to do it.



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What is the Journey?

Are you looking to increase your energy? Are you looking to breathe better? Are you looking to embrace a higher order of thinking to help see the world much more clearly?


The Journey in the app helps you develop the foundation insight into the skills you need to practice in order to achieve your development and wellbeing objectives.


There are 12 Missions that you need to complete as you embark on a journey to discover wellbeing and develop your emotional and social intelligence (ESQ).


Each mission you navigate through focuses on the skills you need to practice to develop one level of your ESQ. Developing your ESQ is the fastest way to elevate your performance and achieve more success. This can give you a significant competitive advantage in the world, whether you are an athlete, business person or student, as for most, ESQ remains massively underdeveloped.


Upon the completion of your journey, you will have developed a sophisticated toolkit that will help you show up better in the world and become the person you are truly capable of!

Be Brilliant Every Day!

Your 12-Mission Journey Breakdown

Mission 1 - Unlock Energy Awareness

This mission deals with the most important resource you have – your energy. It reveals how you can regain the energy levels you had 10 years ago by learning to maximise the things that boost your energy and reduce energy withdrawals.

Mission 2 - Develop Energy Regulation

This mission focuses on how you can significantly enhance your energy levels by learning to BREATHE more effectively. There is a wealth of scientific evidence testifying to the importance of breathing in driving health and performance outcomes.

Mission 3 - Nature of Emotions

This mission explores the concept of emotions and why they are so crucial to our health, wellbeing and performance. Emotions are the composite physiological patterns created every second of every day by our body. 

Mission 4 - Emotional Awareness

This mission takes us from a conceptual understanding of emotions and encourages us to start exploring the ‘Universe of Emotions’ by logging how we feel.

Mission 5 - Emotional Literacy

This mission helps you develop a deeper and more grounded understanding of the specific emotions you need to perform at your best. 

Mission 6 - Emotional Regulation

This mission helps you develop your ability to more effectively manage the stress and pressure that you may be under. This requires you to manage your emotions every day.

Mission 7 - Resilience

This mission addresses the whole concept of resilience and how it’s possible to cultivate much greater levels of resilience despite facing very difficult external challenges or relationship problems.

Mission 8 - Self Motivation

This mission shows you how to use your raw emotional energy to drive yourself forward. This step changes your ability to be self-motivated. It also helps you activate your personal purpose.

Mission 9 - Optimism

This mission helps you move from resilience to optimism. It encourages you to develop an appreciation of self and others. Skilful use of appreciation can transform the speed with which you learn.

Mission 10 - Empathy

This mission builds on all previous missions to enable you to connect empathically with the people around you in a much deeper way. The ability to listen deeply to others can accelerate your ability to build long-lasting, trusting relationships. 

Mission 11 - Social Awareness

This mission requires you to notice your impact on others, their impact on each other and on you too. We leave energetic and emotional footprints wherever we go. We can nurture a Net Zero or preferably a Net Positive footprint in our lives.

Mission 12 - Social Intelligence

This mission recognises that we are all social animals and we need each other to survive and thrive. We can’t succeed in a vacuum and the ultimate test of our contribution as human beings and as leaders is what we can do for others.

Self-Development Journey

What's Included in Each Mission?

Learn the Theory

The Missions are designed so that you can focus on doing the right work in the most comprehensive development framework to target your own personal development at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space.

Practice the Science

The Complete App is designed to facilitate your practice. As you progress along the 12 missions you will develop the skills to transform your health, wellbeing, and performance as well as your relationships.

Measure Progress

Throughout your journey, our integrated assessments will take the guesswork out of your development and help you track your progress. With the right balance of theory and practice, you are more likely to sustain change.

How to Get Started?

limited edition offer to master the core skills

Increase Energy

Develop the skills to create energy on demand. Regular practice will help you understand where your energy comes from and where it goes so you recover lost energy levels.

Breathe Better

Understand the importance of smooth, rhythmic even breath.  Regular practice will help you develop the skills to control your physiology and increase your focus.

Discover Emotions

Develop the skills to build your emotional intelligence and take control of how you feel. Regular practice will help you understand the nature of emotions.

The Three Core Skills for High Performance!

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As part of this offer, you will be provided with free 12-month access to the Complete App so that you can begin practicing the skills that will help you to step change your wellbeing and development progress.

You will also be able to begin your 12-mission self-development journey so that you can begin to develop further, faster. The initial 12 missions focus on the skills needed to develop your emotional and social intelligence. They combine theory, practice and mastery of the core skills. For those that want more, the app will also deliver more specific missions focused on specific goals. 

Community Exclusive Live Webinars

Book your seat in our Masterclass webinar series to help you increase your energy, breathe better and discover emotions. Each webinar will be hosted by Bevan Rees (one of our Senior Practitioners) and he will talk you through the skills you need to practice and develop to be brilliant every day!

The first Masterclass will focus on energy awareness, the second one will focus on energy regulation, and the third Masterclass will introduce you to the nature of emotions.

Q&A Sessions

Every month, Dr. Alan Watkins will host a live and interactive Q&A session that will provide you with an unmissable opportunity to ask any question related to the skills and practices available on the app. He will be able to provide foundational insight into each skill and how to integrate this valuable skill into your day-to-day life.

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