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Are you looking to transform your own personal development and learn the skills you need to perform at your best every day.

The Complete App provides you with a sophisticated toolkit to optimise your physiology and become a consistently high performer!

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Complete App Wellbeing Solution

The Complete App provides you with all the necessary tools that you need to take your development to the next level so you can perform at your best every single day.

Here at Complete, we have been helping influential leaders across the world for the last 20 years to improve their health, their wellbeing and their performance. We have designed the app so that you have access to all the skills needed to make significant improvements to your life and help you become a better, more complete, and more effective human being.

This app can show you how by providing you with a series of scientifically grounded programs to help you be smarter, more resilient, healthier and more successful. It also offers you a series of specific skills, things to read, videos and podcasts to watch, and data to track. All of this can help you whether you work in a Business or a School or are a professional athlete.

Step Change your Performance!

The Complete App helps you to become a better version of yourself by enabling you to be a healthier, happier, and more productive human being.
Reduction In Stress
Reduction in Fatigue
Improvement in Emotional Management
Improvement in Health Outcomes

Our Approach

The Complete App provides you with a wellbeing ecosystem that is purposely built to support you and your family’s development and wellbeing objectives. We have designed our content to facilitate all forms of learning by providing you with a sophisticated toolkit of blended content that includes articles to read, podcasts to listen to, games to play, videos to watch and so much more!

Our Technology

The Complete App provides you with a way for you to visualise your data in real-time and track the development progress that you are making across the missions and the practices. Using heart rate monitors to help you train coherence and track HRV, along with assessments, you have all the tools at your disposal to take ownership of your behaviour, thinking and ultimately life outcomes. Through our interactive community features you can begin to share your progress with others in your community and follow what everyone is talking about in the app.

The Expertise

Here at Complete, Dr Alan Watkins and our team of coaches and data scientists have distilled years of research into the approach and methodology that underpins the Science behind your physiology. The app that we have developed reflects this considerable work and is integrated and sophisticated, rooted in physiology and neuroscience. These scientifically grounded programs allow you to be younger, smarter, healthier, have better relationships, and be more successful.

Complete App Wellbeing Ecosystem

What's Included?

Self-Paced Development

The 12 Mission Journey on the Complete App enables individuals to control their own development by setting personalised scheduling protocols for the daily developmental tasks embedded in each of the missions.

Practice the Core Skills

Daily Practices can be scheduled so that you continue to check in to the app and practice the four key fundamental skills on the app – E-Bank, Universe of Emotions, BREATHE and Bio-Coherence.

Measure Your ESQ

The Complete App allows you to measure your emotional and social intelligence with over 30 self-reported assessments. This will help you accurately quantify which dimension of your ESQ you need to focus on to improve your health, wellbeing and performance.

Emotion Science

For even greater insight unlock the power of emotion science by logging emotions in the Universe of Emotions. See how you feel in real-time in response to a range of questions that are important to you. 

Real-Time Insights

The Complete App allows you to keep track of all your development activity via a continuous data stream. Our emotion heatmaps enable you to gain deeper insights into how you are changing and developing over time.

Community Features

Users can interact with each other across our community pages by sharing, favouriting, and commenting on content in the app. Community Leader boards can also provide a friendly competitive element to the progress users are making.

The Three Core Skills for High Performance!

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Sign up to our exclusive offer to become part of the 2023 cohort of app users. The offer includes FREE 12-month access to the app and all of its fantastic development features.

Free App Access for 12 Months

As part of this offer, you will be provided with free 12-month access to the Complete App so that you can begin practicing the skills that will help you to step change your wellbeing and development progress.

You will also be able to begin your 12-mission self-development journey so that you can begin to develop further, faster. The initial 12 missions focus on the skills needed to develop your emotional and social intelligence. They combine theory, practice and mastery of the core skills. For those that want more, the app will also deliver more specific missions focused on specific goals. 

Community Exclusive Live Webinars

Book your seat in our Masterclass webinar series to help you increase your energy, breathe better and discover emotions. Each webinar will be hosted by Bevan Rees (one of our Senior Practitioners) and he will talk you through the skills you need to practice and develop to be brilliant every day!

The first Masterclass will focus on energy awareness, the second one will focus on energy regulation, and the third Masterclass will introduce you to the nature of emotions.

Dr. Alan Watkins Q&A Sessions

Every month, Dr. Alan Watkins will host a live and interactive Q&A session that will provide you with an unmissable opportunity to ask any question related to the skills and practices available on the app. He will be able to provide foundational insight into each skill and how to integrate this valuable skill into your day-to-day life.

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Want to Feel 10 Years Younger?

All the skills on the Complete App can help you become healthier, smarter and more productive. 


By practicing the skills available on our app we can help you turn back your biological clock and re-gain the energy you had 10 years ago.


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