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Dr Alan Watkins is the CEO and co-founder of Complete. He has spent the last 30 years developing skills and practices that, can at scale, reduce human suffering. 


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A Universe of Emotions

In today’s pursuit of success, it’s time to shift our focus from external measures like money to something more meaningful – our internal states of being, such as happiness. This may sound idealistic to some, but the growing recognition of happiness as a crucial aspect of wellbeing is undeniable.


The Universe of Emotions helps you develop emotional and social intelligence, fostering compassion and positive emotions. Join the journey of self-discovery and experience the profound impact of emotional intelligence on well-being and success by using the Complete App.

Blog Post

Fact, Fiction and Friends

Facts are often shared beliefs, but distinguishing them from personal opinions is crucial. Shared truths serve as proxies for objective truth. Scientists’ independent and consistent observations can approach objective truth.


However, ensuring science remains unbiased is challenging.  Volume does not dictate truth; objective truth should prevail over subjective or shared beliefs. Sharing beliefs build bridges towards truth and helps combat bias.

Ask Alan

Could unresolved past events aka Memories represent a form of Spiritual Clutter which can affect your perception of current experiences?

Our mind is constantly evaluating our environment for threats to our existence and wellbeing. When we perceive a threat, we store all the related data of that moment, including contextual information. Our threat detection system is designed to save our life, so it’s very fast and very imprecise (it needs to be). In evaluating whatever we’re experiencing today, it only takes one small piece of data to look vaguely familiar to a previous negative experience for the whole negative emotion and unhelpful biological cascade to be triggered.