E-Bank Skill – Energy Plan

The E-Bank Skill - Energy Actions

Written on 16th May 2023

This week we have introduced a new feature to the already sophisticated Energy management skill on the app – E-Bank.

This new feature will allow you to build a dynamic energy plan by setting energy goals based on the actions you have saved in previous E-Bank entries.

This is a tool that will enable you to stay focused on the actions that you need to take to make the biggest impact on your energy levels.

The process of recording an E-Bank entry is the same as before, you are asked to complete four fields:

• Record Boosts (Energy Deposits)
• Record Drains (Energy Withdrawals)
• Draw a Conclusion (Pattern/Trend)
• Set an Action (Energy Goals)

Once you have saved an E-Bank entry, the results are funnelled into their separate categories. The boosts and drains are collated into one page for review at any time.

The actions are also collated together and now you can set goals for how you can increase your energy by setting one action as an energy goal over different reflection periods.

This will allow you to build a dynamic energy plan and put some of your saved actions into practice to make a real impact.

You can start building your energy plan by scrolling down to the energy actions section on the E-Bank home page and clicking ‘View All Energy Actions’.

You will then be presented with a complete list of all the actions that you have ever saved. If you scroll down to the bottom of the list you will see a button that says ‘Build Your Energy Plan’.

Then you will be presented with a list of drop-boxes where you can set yourself an energy goal to integrate into your life every day, every week, every month or every year.

Once saved you have some specific goals for you to focus on integrating into your life to help strategise to energise.