Harnessing Emotions to Improve Performance

How to Harness Your Emotions to Improve Performance!

Written by Dr Alan Watkins

The process of harnessing your emotions can be a catalyst that leads to a cascade of positive changes.

When we learn to recognise and actively manage our emotions and improve our emotional literacy we have access to the right amount and pattern of emotional variability.

By learning to harness emotions so that we use them constructively and appropriately instead of suppressing them or ignoring them we develop greater emotional flexibility, intellectual capacity and maturity and this emotional coherence also positively impacts our energy reserves.

The cumulative effect of physiological and emotional coherence will positively impact our health and happiness and this is often seen as a success in itself. Mastering your own emotion is of great benefit and when you can extend this mastery to improve how others around you interact then this creates a platform for leadership and a vehicle for success.