Masterclass Webinar 3: The Nature of Emotions

Masterclass Webinar 3: The Nature of Emotions

Recorded on 19th of October 2023

When you ask most human beings how they feel…they usually guess!

Because the truth is they don’t actually know. In fact, most human beings are only familiar with 6, or at best, 12 human emotions on a regular basis. There are however 34,000 different emotional states that it is possible for a human being to experience.

So, if most people are only familiar with 12 emotional states, their emotional literacy is extremely limited which can have significant consequences for your long-term health, happiness and performance.

This is because emotions are the composite physiological patterns created every second of every day by our body. If we become aware of them, they become a feeling. Feelings are ultimately what drive thinking and decision-making. So, if we want to improve the quality of our thinking or the wisdom of our decision-making, we must understand the nature of our emotional states.

To help you on your journey to improve your emotional repertoire we have loaded over 2000 emotions into the Complete App in our Universe of Emotions which allows you to explore your emotional landscape all for FREE. This unique map of emotional states will help you discover wellbeing, foster compassion, and unlock an array of positive emotions that can enhance your performance and transform your life.

It provides you with a simple yet effective tool to explore the concept of emotions and how you REALLY feel. Each emotion is represented as a Planet in the Universe. This prompts you to answer the question ‘Which planet are you on?’

You can see what the nearest planets are to your current emotional state in case you want to change how you feel. You can even create an audit trail of which planets you have visited in the last day, week, or month. This will allow you to identify what is your “home planet” and what part of the Universe you tend to reside in.

Just checking in to the Universe a couple of times a day will make a huge difference to your own emotional repertoire and as you experience a wider range of emotions, you will become much more empathic. Greater levels of empathy will be a game changer in terms of building better relationships and your ability to connect with other people.

When you have a much larger repertoire of emotions you will be able to accurately identify what emotions others are experiencing. Imagine what could happen if you could tell what emotions others are experiencing.

Taking the time to notice the emotions you feel, so that you can bring them to conscious awareness, is the first step to gaining control over your internal emotions. After all, you cannot change or utilise something if you are not aware of it.