My Profile Changes

My Profile Page Re-Design

Written on 10th May 2023

The marketplace for wellbeing apps is a crowded one. We believe that one of the most critical factors needed to drive sustainable change is for individuals to see their own personalised data, daily.

The Complete App provides this continuous data stream that allows you to track your improvement and show the opportunities for you to progress even further. These quality metrics help drive engagement and motivation with those that are using the app.

This is why we have made the decision to change the way that we present data metrics to you in the app. You may have noticed that throughout the Mission and Practices pages we have put data at the heart of each page.

You will also notice that there is refreshed look for the My Profile page. We have cleaned this page up so that it provides you with a one-stop shop for managing your account with progress metrics clearly labelled and presented.

Your key vitals have now been brought to the top of the page so you can keep track of the progress you are making across the Missions and Practices.

You are now easily able to access important account settings such as editing your account details, manage your teams and accessing important support material such as tutorial videos to assist you in navigating through the app ecosystem…