Social Share Feature

Social Share and Comment Feature

Written on 15th May 2023

This week we have implemented the new Share Feature in the app which allows you to share and comment on any content item in the app.

You will begin to notice the share icon pop up next to the favourite button on various content items that we have within the app and this is the first step towards granting you the ability to begin sharing this content with the rest of your community.

As an added bonus, once you have clicked on the share button, you have the option to attach a comment to any item that you share with your community to encourage engagement with this shared content.

The exciting news is that this is just another important step towards fully activating the Community page in the app.

The hard work for the team does not stop here as our attention now turns towards incorporating this sharing feature into a live community feed page where all users in the community can engage and interact with each other.

The level of sophistication for this feature will be turned up a notch too as we look to develop this sharing feature to have both internal and external capabilities so that you can begin to share this content with your fellow app community members as well as non-app users through social media such as WhatsApp and Instagram.