The Human Development Wheel

The Human Development Wheel

Written by Dr Alan Watkins

Do you find it hard to make and keep resolutions? Resolutions can be a powerful catalyst for change. We just need to set them and follow through on them in the right way to have a good chance of success. Do you want to know our secret recipe? It’s the development wheel.

Having the motivation to change
As human beings we want to stay in our comfort zone, we become attached to what feels familiar
or what we know whether it’s good or bad. To feel protected we become creatures of habit. It’s
only when we start to notice a growing sense of pain that we are motivated to change since we feel that our sense of protection is wearing off.

All resolutions involve change and for a resolution to work, we need a strong motivation and desire
to change, and that usually means that we need to be feeling uncomfortable enough. So think about how much it’s hurting you not to change when you find what is causing you pain or discomfort.

Once you find it, you are ready to step across the threshold. And that’s where Complete’s Development Wheel can help you navigate the journey of change…

The Complete Development Wheel
There are four phases of change in the development wheel.

The four phases of the development wheel are relevant to any kind of change we are seeking to
make in our lives, including resolutions. It’s really helpful to explore these phases, as they will help
you achieve greater awareness of the process of change and your reaction to it. Through greater
understanding, you can increase your chances of successfully achieving the change you desire.

A. DISCOVER – Wake up
The first phase is about recognising your need for change. In short, things become so uncomfortable that you ‘wake up’ to the fact that change needs to happen.

B. DECIDE – Own up
The second phase is about taking responsibility for the change you need to make and committing to it. A lot of people will ask for help with a resolution and that’s good to get you started, but you can’t put ownership of the change on someone else. Tools and resources can help you with your resolution. You might also need tools to help you with emotional shifts to take more control of your life or plan strategies that will help you get going.

Whatever tools and resources you need, investing energy to put them in place, will be an effort well spent.

C. DEVELOP – Grow up
Now you’re ready to start growing up and working towards your resolution. Take time to appreciate
even the small steps you have taken; quick wins can boost your energy and help with motivation but only if you notice them! This stage in the wheel might also require some deeper work if success keeps evading you. For example, if you notice a repeating pattern stopping your progress, try to identify what is causing the same old issues or barriers to show up.

Often, we need to lean into the long-running limiting narratives we have told ourselves and that can block us from making the real shifts we need to develop, as these narratives make us feel erroneously “safe”. A long-running fear of failure could block us from trying anything new or different. It’s not always easy and you may need more support and help, but the benefits of being liberated from self-limiting patterns or beliefs can be life-changing.

D. DELIVER – Show up
Finally, you have made the change you resolved to achieve. You are now showing up differently.
You may return to your ‘normal’ world, but you are ready to operate differently.

And that’s it! It won’t be easy, but it will be incredibly rewarding. If you’ve reached that pain point to motivate you to change, think about using the development wheel to set you up for success and
start experiencing the new ‘you’.