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Mission 1 - Unlock Energy Awareness

This mission deals with the most important resource you have – your energy. It reveals how you can regain the energy levels you had 10 years ago by learning to maximise the things that boost your energy and reduce energy withdrawals.

Mission 2 - Develop Energy Regulation

This mission focuses on how you can significantly enhance your energy levels by learning to BREATHE more effectively. There is a wealth of scientific evidence testifying to the importance of breathing in driving health and performance outcomes.

Mission 3 - Nature of Emotions

This mission explores the concept of emotions and why they are so crucial to our health, wellbeing and performance. Emotions are the composite physiological patterns created every second of every day by our body. 

Mission 4 - Emotional Awareness

This mission takes us from a conceptual understanding of emotions and encourages us to start exploring the ‘Universe of Emotions’ by logging how we feel.

Mission 5 - Emotional Literacy

This mission helps you develop a deeper and more grounded understanding of the specific emotions you need to perform at your best. 

Mission 6 - Emotional Regulation

This mission helps you develop your ability to more effectively manage the stress and pressure that you may be under. This requires you to manage your emotions every day.

Mission 7 - Resilience

This mission addresses the whole concept of resilience and how it’s possible to cultivate much greater levels of resilience despite facing very difficult external challenges or relationship problems.

Mission 8 - Self Motivation

This mission shows you how to use your raw emotional energy to drive yourself forward. This step changes your ability to be self-motivated. It also helps you activate your personal purpose.

Mission 9 - Optimism

This mission helps you move from resilience to optimism. It encourages you to develop an appreciation of self and others. Skilful use of appreciation can transform the speed with which you learn.

Mission 10 - Empathy

This mission builds on all previous missions to enable you to connect empathically with the people around you in a much deeper way. The ability to listen deeply to others can accelerate your ability to build long-lasting, trusting relationships. 

Mission 11 - Social Awareness

This mission requires you to notice your impact on others, their impact on each other and on you too. We leave energetic and emotional footprints wherever we go. We can nurture a Net Zero or preferably a Net Positive footprint in our lives.

Mission 12 - Social Intelligence

This mission recognises that we are all social animals and we need each other to survive and thrive. We can’t succeed in a vacuum and the ultimate test of our contribution as human beings and as leaders is what we can do for others.

Well-Being Solution That Meets Your Needs

We can provide you with the tools to be better

Feeling Tired & Burnout?

Do you feel constantly fatigued throughout a typical day?

Do you wake up more tired than when you went to bed?

Have you noticed your energy levels have significantly dropped over the last few years?

We Can Help!

Re-Discover Your Energy!

Most people leak energy throughout the day, so by the end of the day they’re tired. But it is possible to finish every day with the same, or more energy than when you started. The perpetual leaking of energy explains why most people experience, on average, a 3% decline in their energy levels each year. Our framework will teach you the practices you need to adopt to arrest this energy decline and unlock the energy you had 10 years ago!

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Struggling to Manage Emotions?

Do you have a habit of ruminating on negative emotions?

Do you tend to overthink and become anxious about situations?

Have your relationships deteriorated due to your inability to control your emotions?

We Can Help!

Master Your Own Emotions!

Most people struggle to manage their emotions not because they suffer from “mental health” problems but because there is a simple misunderstanding between an emotion and a feeling. This occurs because we never taught this at school. As children, when we were upset, we were told to calm down or stop crying. We have developed practices that can help you gain control over your emotions so they do not have control over you.

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Lacking Motivation & Purpose?

Are you struggling to find your purpose in life?

Do you lack the self-motivation to avoid procrastination?

Does life feel like it is getting on top of you and you cannot see a way out?

We Can Help!

Live Your Life on Purpose!

Resilience is defined by the speed of your recovery. One of the most powerful ways to recover your energy and reinvigorate yourself after being knocked down is to be crystal clear about why you are doing what you are doing (i.e., your purpose). If you are clear about your ‘why’ it can be a perpetual energiser. We have developed a series of practices which can help you discover your ‘why’ that we have used with business leaders and executives.

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There will be a live Masterclass webinar on each of the three core practices available to use on the Complete App. Each Masterclass will be hosted by Bevan Rees (Senior Practitioner at Complete) that will talk you through the practice with a live facilitated group practice session of this skill (see dates below).


By signing up to this exclusive offer, you will book your seat in this series. The first masterclass will focus on developing energy awareness, the second one will focus on regulating your energy, and the third one will introduce you to the Universe of Emotions.


Recordings will be available of all sessions and all participants will be able to send their questions in ahead of each session for Dr. Alan Watkins and Bevan Rees to review and respond to.