Complete App Community Setup


Set up a new community in the app that can act as a personalised space for you and your fellow app users to operate within:

Bespoke Communities include:

  • New Community Setup
  • Personalised Experience
  • Customised Content by Community
  • Community Admin. Dashboard
  • Community Pulse Question Campaigns

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The Complete App Ecosystem is made up of different communities. Each community represents a unique space for a collection of app users to operate in.

If you are an individual, joining for your own personal reasons, you will not need a community code. You will automatically join the Global Community of users.

If you are signing up as an employee of an organisation or a client of a coach then a community code should be distributed to you before you sign up.

If this has not, you need to request a community code from your organisation or coach.

You can only join one community and in order to join a community you will need access to that community’s unique 6-character community code.


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